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Founded in 1981, World Scientific Publishing is one of the world's leading academic publishers. With six offices worldwide, it publishes more than 500 books and around 120 journals a year in the diverse fields of science, technology, medicine and business and management.

At World Scientific, our mission is to develop the highest quality knowledge-based products and services for the academic, scientific, professional, research and student communities worldwide.

World Scientific is committed to serving the interests of the academic community by the swift dissemination of information and knowledge through all possible channels at competitive prices. Our dedication to the fulfillment of our mission extends to providing special discounts and incentives for developing nations to ensure the affordability of our publications.

To speed up the dissemination of knowledge and information, World Scientific has launched various Internet-based initiatives since 1996, such as e-journals and an Internet bookshop, to further enhance our services to the academic and professional communities.

Editorial Policy

To guide our editorial policy and direction, World Scientific has an International Advisory Board comprising renowned academics from various fields. Among them are Nobel laureates and directors of distinguished universities, research institutes and organizations.

The company is also equipped with a team of dynamic Acquisition Editors, many armed with a PhD. They strive to develop the publishing program for their respective subject areas. They commission high quality projects of topical interest and strong scientific value, fully utilizing their professional knowledge and training.

We have an equally experienced team of Production Editors to ensure that our publications are of the highest standards. Constant upgrading and ongoing professional training ensure that they are in tune with the latest production techniques. They also attend important conferences worldwide to meet authors and keep themselves informed about the latest trends and developments in their respective fields.

Both our commissioning editors and production editors work closely with our authors, in order to provide them with the best service and positive publishing experience.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

World Scientific has aggressive global marketing and sales teams in London, New Jersey, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Singapore. Our multipronged marketing and sales strategy utilizes a wide range of marketing techniques.

The key marketing techniques employed include direct mailing of promotional materials to targeted prospects, advertising selected titles in important publications, organizing book launches, participating in international book fairs and conferences, approaching booksellers and librarians, and liaising with our sales agents and representatives worldwide. Besides these conventional marketing efforts, we constantly innovate to develop new ways of marketing our products to targeted audiences. Marketing personnel in each office work closely with authors to ensure that their publications are marketed to their fullest satisfaction.

To fulfill World Scientific's main mission of serving the academic and professional communities, we devote a great part of our resources and efforts to ensure that our authors' individual needs are fully met.

If you are interested in publishing with a dynamic and professional publisher, please download the book proposal form and e-mail it to editor@wspc.com

You can download style files for contributions to our journals, books and conference proceedings. This section provides access to Latex2e and MS-Word style files for the various trim sizes of our publications.

Please refer to the README found within the relevant links for more details.

If you cannot find the style file of the journal that you are interested in, it means that the style file is currently not available.

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